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Condensing Unit

We sell low-cost condensing units with superior quality. Condensing unit is a device which is a unit of compressor, condenser, fan installed outside the room. Condesing unit takes air from outside which is then compressed so that the room is cool and cool. The choice of condensing unit type must be adjusted to the size of the room to be installed with air conditioner. Condensing unit capacity depends on the compressor and condenser installed. Condensing unit installation cannot be done carelessly because it will affect the performance of the air conditioner.

We provide various brand condensing units, including:

  • Tecumseh Condensing Unit
  • Bitzer Condensing Unit
  • Kulthorn Condensing Unit
  • Maneurop Condensing Unit
  • Copeland Condensing Unit

We also provide various air-conditioning and refrigeration spare parts or spare parts according to your needs.

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